Solar Planner
Getting Started

The Solar Planner only provides a rough estimate, not an exact measurement. The amount of charge collected will vary with weather conditions, time of day, time of year, and geographic location, among other factors. The Solar Planner assumes that the charger and your iPod or iPhone have been fully pre-charged via USB before going on a trip and no additional USB charging while on the trip.

What’s the weather like?
Full Sun Partly Cloudy Overcast
iPhone usage details
Number of days in trip:
Minutes talking per day:
Minutes video per day:
Minutes audio per day:
Minutes internet per day:


Keep your Solar Charger™ in the sun for this many hours at a minimum every day to keep your battery from running out by the end of the trip.


Keep your Solar Charger™ in the sun this many hours every day you will maintain a full charge throughout the trip.